You can choose three (3) ways to pay for your order:

  • Cash on delivery: You can order from our online store and pay on the day of delivery at your place. Cash on delivery is made only in cash and for total amounts up to € 500.
  • By debit or credit card: Our online store accepts debit, credit and prepaid cards for your orders. In addition, by using Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit cards, you can agree to repay in 3 interest-free installments, as long as your card supports the selected number of installments.
  • By deposit in a bank account: You can order from our online store and pay by deposit in a bank account by following the steps below:
    • Step 1st. Αριθμός Λογαριασμού
      • Piraeus GR80 0172 2430 0052 4307 9646 154
    • Step 2nd. Enter in the name of the beneficiary: HATZIKOKOLIS SA
    • Step 3rd. In the amount field, enter the total amount of your order.
    • Step 4rth. In the information, fill in your name and the electronic order code.
    • Step 5th. Send us the deposit by email at